The Carr Center Fern's Story

Fern's Story

Fern has a passion for playing piano, and her smile will light up a room. She loves telling stories of her life and how her daddy taught her to play piano at a young age. Despite being legally blind, at over 90 years old her hands continue to dance effortlessly across the keys. Her memory of the music allows her to play classic household favorites, and some originals of her own. Fern’s caregivers sought out The Carr Center Adult Day services to provide her with more opportunities for socialization and engagement, as her previous day services were no longer meeting her needs. As Fern would say “all I do is color”.

At The Carr Center Fern enjoys a variety of experiences. Some of her favorite activities at The Carr Center include playing Bingo, singing gospel songs, painting, shopping, and of course playing piano for the staff and other clients. Fern enjoys socializing with friends at The Carr Center and feels very comfortable here. Her caregivers report she will tell them all about her day here during the drive home.

Since attending The Carr Center, Fern’s caregivers report her blood sugar levels have improved. They believe this is in part to our healthier diet options for snack and lunch, and her increased activity. They also have shared with us that she enjoys her time here and looks forward to coming. They are pleased that she is happy, and we are so blessed to have her as part of The Carr Center family.

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